Reece Anthony David Grant 1993 - 2014

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The youngest of 3 children of David Horne and Michaela Grant, Reece David, the nephew of Nigel Horne (also known as Reece Welch), was born in Thanet, Kent, England on 28 Apr 19931.

He died on 2 Aug 2014 in Ramsgate, Kent, England (from the Isle of Thanet Gazette: A DEVASTATED family have paid tribute to a much-loved son, brother and partner who has died aged just 21. An ambulance was called to the Ramsgate home of Reece Welch at 5pm on Saturday but despite the efforts of paramedics the former Hereson pupil lost his life after suffering a series of heart attacks. Drum-and-bass fan Reece, who shared his Newcastle Hill flat with girlfriend Abi O'Reilly, had been spending the day at home following a night out at a rave on Friday. His mum Michaela Welch, of Nixon Avenue, said the family were still in shock but hearing from Reece's friends how much they loved him had helped. She said: "I want everyone to come round. It does not matter if they don't know what to say but so many have been telling me how much they loved him, even when he had been winding them up. "He was a little terror but he had a heart of gold. He could be compulsive with things, he was a perfectionist and he was a risk taker but that made him the person he was. He never did things by halves. "He was a mum's boy, not clingy, but when he phoned he would always say 'love you' at the end. He loved his family, he was a godfather and uncle and not many 20-year-olds have a godson. "He had waited two years to get his flat and when he did he was so happy because he always wanted his own home. "He done it up and he was always cleaning it. He loved cooking too and would make us all dinner. "He was a bit dippy sometimes, like Abi, and he just wanted to be like his brother."; Older siblings Lisa and Aaron Grant, younger sister Toni and Abi said friends, drum and bass, fashion and his family were the things Reece, who had turned 21 in April, loved best. Lisa said: "He was a little joker and so funny. He loved being with his friends, having a party and his raves but he mostly loved his family."; Toni said: "He was really protective."; Aaron added: " He always pushed life to the limits. He walked into people's lives and he left a print."; Scores of friends have also left messages on Reece's Facebook page expressing their shock and sorrow at his death. Reece leaves behind his parents Michaela and Tony, siblings Lisa, Aaron and Toni, girlfriend Abi, extended family and many friends. Read more at



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Reece Grant

Reece Grant

Reece Grant - 4

Reece Grant - 4

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Family Tree



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