Emily Hannah Cowell cAug 1856 - c1897

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The child of William Cowell (a carter) and Hannah White, Emily Cowell, the first cousin three-times-removed on the mother's side of Nigel Horne, was born in Wingham, Kent, England c. Aug 18561,2 and baptised there on 7 Dec 1856.

She also married Joseph Cryer at St Mary The Virgin's Church on 26 Aug 18764.

During her life, she was living at Chalk Pit, Wingham on 7 Apr 1861, less than a mile from her grandmother Mary Castle who was living at Wingham Street, Wingham, Kent, England, her uncle John Cowell and grandfather Troward Cowell who were living at Wingham Street, Wingham, Kent, England and her father William Cowell and brother Albert Cowell who were living at Chalk Pit, Wingham, Eastry, Kent, England[6], and in Sibertswold, Kent, England in 1891.

She died c. Feb 1897 in Eastry, Kent3 and was buried at Ss Peter & Paul, Eythorne, Kent on 17 Mar 18975.


  1. William was born c. 1829
  2. Hannah D was born c. 1831












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Family Tree



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Residence record for 1891 contains no citation

Location for 1861 (Chalk Pit, Wingham, Kent, England) differs from mother's (Wingham, Kent, England)

Location for 1861 (Chalk Pit, Wingham, Kent, England) differs from father's (Wingham, Kent, England)

Listed in the residence for 1891, but spouse Joseph Cryer is not

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