Manson Kay Bixler 1953 - 1953

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The child of Ralph Bixler (a farmer) and Eva Miller, Manson Bixler, the fifth cousin once-removed on the mother's side of Nigel Horne, was born in Owen, Indiana, USA on 30 Aug 1953.

He died on 12 Sept 1953 in Spencer, Indiana1 (little Mason K. Bixler, 13 day old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bixler, died Saturday at the Bixler residence on route three, Spencer. The infant was the only son of triplets born August 30th. Survivors include the parents; two sisters: Mandy and Frannie; a half-brother, Larry, 8 years old; and several other relatives. Funeral services were held Monday afternoon at two o'clock at the Macy Funeral Home. Rev. Cyrus Mears officiated, and interment was made in the New Union Cemetery) and is buried there at New Union Cemetery.


  1. Ralph Voris was born on 30 Sept 1896
  2. Eva Bell was born on 8 May 1922


Manson Bixler - Death Certificate

Manson Bixler - Death Certificate

Family Tree

Family Tree



  1. Indiana, Death Certificates, 1899-2011

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